Monday, July 16, 2007

Dia Mirza talks about her bra and chaddi!

Check out Dia Mirza giving an interview in a video talking about how she felt uncomfortable and funny wearing a 'bra and chaddi' in front of hundreds of men.

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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Dia Mirza interview with Pooja Bedi

Catch Dia Mirza looking charming and cute in this tete a tete

Diya Mirza Kiss

Dia Miza kisses smooch king Emran Hashmi in Tumsa Nahin Dekha!

Diya Mirza sexy back video in Kajra Mohabbat wala!

The gorgeous Dia Mirza looks super gorgeous in this video with butt hugging outfit which reveals her beautiful derriere and her sexy back. Enjoy Kajra Mohabbat wala

Dia Mirza butt pictures, camel toe, cleavage etc

Dia Mirza’s sex appeal lies in her beautiful smile and her light brown eyes. Dia has not done bold scenes as such, save for a smooch scene by Emraan Hashmi in Tumsa Nahin Dekha. She wore skimpy clothes in the film because the role demanded it. On the sexometer, we give her a 7 out of 10.

Diya Mira looks real hot in

Diya Mirza’s top three assets:
But: Dia has a beautiful butt which is cute and accentuates her gorgeousness The orange saree which Dia wore in the video for Sonu Nigam showed her gorgeous bottom look meaty and hot in the video as the attire flirtatiously hugged her derriere.
Eyes: Look at Dia’s eyes and fall in love with her.
Smile: Dia’s smile can lighten an atmosphere and make you feel good about the world. Thank God for Dia’s beautiful cute smile!

Dia Mirza pictures, hot sexy pictures of Dia Mirza

Dia Mirza does not believe in exposing just for the sake of baring it all. Dia has a tremendous amount of sex appeal. Her curves are natural and she can look feminine even with a moustache! Dia’s figure is 33-25.5-36. She is slightly heavy at her hips compared to her bust. Dia’s sexuality has an Indian aesthetic feel towards it. Even if you look through Dia’s sexy pictures, you will feel an Indian charm in it.

Dia is a progressive thinking person who thinks that everyone has a right for demanding his or her sexual preference. She says that if a man is a not a virgin, there is no way she should expect his lady to be virgin too.

Dia Mirza-likes, Dislikes and Views

Dia Mirza, likes and dislikes:

Dia’s nickname-Dee

Favorite food: Hyderabadi Biryani and Italian Pasta

Favorite actor: Tom Cruise and Shahrukh Khan

Favorite actress:

Adores: Children

Dia Mirza’s weakness: Chocolates

Diya’s favorite film: Schindler’s List and Forrest Gump

Dia’s passion: Cars, loves Ferrari. Drives a Lexus.

Diya Mirza’s mother tongue: Bengali and Telegu

Dia’s favorite animal: Horses

Dia’s favorite superhero: Batman

What Diya hates about her: Boring personality(she says it!)

Dia is: Cleanliness freak!

Dia’s other talents: She can bake cakes. She has joined cake decoration classes.

Dia’s turn on- Simplicity

Dia’s turn off-snobbishness and hypocrisy.

Dia’s negative quality-impatience(according to her)

Favorite destination: Her home in Hyderabad.

What Dia hates in women-Bitchiness

What Dia hates in men-Double standards

Dia Mirza controversy:

Dia Mirza, the girl who has her head firmly placed on her shoulders has stayed aloof off her controversies. She is known to be well behaved, polite and decent. The only two controversies were when her car, Lexus, was seized in 2006 for custom duty evasion and also in the same year, when she had supported Aamir Khan in the Narmada Bachao Andolan.

0f late Dia Mirza has been taking her role in Shootout at Lokhandwala seriously as she took to the roads asking BMM students of KC college about how much media has influenced the life of personalities. Dia has stated that the reason for Bipasha Basu and John Abraham split was due to media intrusion.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Dia Mirza-Gorgeous Diva!


Dia Mirza is a natural beauty. She is one of the most ‘NATURALLY’ beautiful girls in Bollywood and perhaps in India. She has become quite famous and rich though she had a humble beginning. Dia Mirza, aged, 25 was born on December 29, 1981 in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. The ravishing Dia is 5' 6" tall. Dia’s father was a German, an interior designer named Frank Handrich. He married Dia’s mother Deepa Mirza. When little Di.a was just nine years old, her father died and Diya’s mother married a person called Ahmed Mirza who gave her the surname. Dia Mirza is a student of Vidyaranya High School For Boys And Girls in Hyderabad. When modeling happened, she had to shift base from Hyderabad to Mumbai. She had to study correspondence FYBA because of her Miss India competition. Life became more stressful but success oriented as Dia rose in her career. Now the caring and sensitive girl has reached the popularity where she is famously known as Dia Mirza. There is a lot of confusion about whether her name is Dia Mirza. Dia believes that Diya was a corruption of her name due to a mistake entry in her passport.. Dia is quite close to her mother. Dia was romantically involved with a certain Bunty Sachdev. She was quite committed however things did not work and Dia was left heartbroken. This reporter had even seen her shopping for him and buying him a gift enthusiastically. The heartbreak had made Dia wise. After that the beauty damsel eyed girl has decided to focus on her career.


Diya started off working at a young age of 16, as a marketing executive for Sriven Multi-tech Hyderabad. At that time, she was earning a salary of Rs.4500 with commission on extra sale. Dia was noticed for her outstanding looks and poise. She was asked to do modeling for Femina. When she was noticed here too, Dia was offered to participate in Femina Miss India competition. Dia went on to win the acclaim worthy Miss India Asia Pacific in the year 2000. Bollywood was knocking on her door.

Dia debuted with Rehnaa Hain Tere Dil Mein, a good movie which did not strike big. However Dia was noticed and how! People began to fell in love with a fresh looking Dia who had a pleasant smile and a cheerful personality. Dia continued to give flops in a row with movies like Tumko Na Bhool Paayenge, Deewanapan, Tumsa Nahin Dekha, Tehzeeb, Dum, Pran Jaye Par shaan Na Jaye. Her first hit actually was Parineeta, where Dia did not have much to do. Dus, Phir Hera Pheri, Lage Raho Munnabhai and Shoot out at Lokhandwala turned out to be hits for Dia’s profile but unfortunately Dia could not be credited with any of these hits entirely for her. In other words Dia is yet looking for an elusive hit which could be just a Dia Mirza film rather than hog limelight with other actors. However the girl has improved with every performance. Dia’s performance in Tumsa Nahin Dekha and Tehzeeb are the best in her career so far. However Dia is happy playing second fiddle of cameo films. As long as she gives hits, she does not care.

Future films:

Dus Kahaniyan


Crazy 4

Ali Baug

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Celina Jaitley-Beautiful hair, Lovely face!- Video

One of Celina Jaitley's previous videos. ..Check out the fresh look of Celina!

Seductive Celina Jaitley video

Check out Celina Jaitley's yet another stunning video where this awesome babe charms and floors Upen Patel in Shakalaka Boom Boom.

Celina Jaitley Interview video

Check out Celina Jaitley giving a television Interview. Watch her hair and the way she flirts with the interview through her sexy eyes!

Celina's sexy video from Apna Sapna Money Money

Feast your eyes on the titillating anatomy of the ravishing and naughty Celina Jaitley in this video. You can also download the video here.

Celina Jaitley kissing scene with Aftab in Red!

This is the scene which left Celina with a bleeding lip!

Celina Jaitley in Red Bikini..Feast for your eyes!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

celina hot pictures, Celina Jaitley wall papers

Check out Celina's rack!

Celina Jaitley may not be blessed with
huge assets
like that of Ayeshas, Amishas and Mallikas of this world but they are fairly big and shapely. She is easily the cleavage queen second only to Mahima Choudary. With Mahima out of the race due to parenthood, Celina's cleavage can make her the cleavage queen of Bollywood.

You cant help get charmed, mersmerized, captivated and enamored by the super sexy but teasingly aesthetic display of Celina' s Jaitley sexy breasts and ripe cleavage. It is as if her pair is vying for her attention. Her awesome cleavage is a visual treat!

Celina Jaitley-The new age Sex Goddess!

Sexy Celina Jaitley should have the adjective 'sexy' fixed before her. She surely does justice to the word. Right from her sexy 'come hither' eyes, her perky full bosom her sexy curvy butt, her shapely thighs and her curvy figure make her look like a sex bomb that can stop a train dead at its tracks!

No matter h0w many how many Celina Jaitley picture you just can't have enough. Celina is blessed with hot curves. She is one girl whose sexiness can appeal to the classes and masses.
Whether in a saree, a lingerie or a sexy pair of butt hugging jeans, she still can heighten the pulse rate.

Most men have openly mentioned that she dominates their fantasies. Celina's bare dare exposure adds fuel to their fantasies. Celina likes to play it naughty, she knows that men swoon at her and women are envious about her breath-taking figure. Celina likes to wear revealing outfits that flaunt her shapely cleavage and breasts without any qualms. She is known to wear bold outfits not just for film shoots but also at public functions, press meets and advertising campaigngs like Nokia or MTV. Of course, it makes for a great copy and lot of Celina Jaitley sexy pictures getting updated on forum sites, newspapers and blogs regularly. A hot Celina Jaitley wall paper is a common thing to see.

Celina's views on exposure and sex: Celina Jaitley is perfectly okay with glamorous and sexy pictures. Celina has no qualms about exposing her curves and cleavage because she believes it is an important part of being glamorous. There is no harm in showing it if you have the right goods. Celina Jaitley however does not believe in vulgar exposure. The Celina Maxim cover exposure was one of the hottest covers where she looks erotic even in dirty and grime. That's the signature sexuality of a true diva!

Celina's views on sex: Sex according to her is a biological necessity and there is no reason for anyone to feel ashamed or shocked. Celina says that it is important to talk about it and do not keep it under wraps. Celina appreciates honesty and detests hypocrisy. People who feel offended should see how true they are to themselves, she says. According to her, sexual chemistry and intimacy is a crucial part of a romantic relationship.

Celina Jaitley suffers from Endometriosis. It is a painful chronic disease that have been affecting 89 million in the world. But many bear this illness with silence to avoid the embarrassment. Celina is bold enough to take up the cause and has vowed to establish an Endometriosis society in Mumbai. She believes that there are many women in India and the world over who are silently bearing the trauma of painful periods, abdominal cramps,irregular bowel movments etc associated with the disease. Celina is aware that the Endometriosis can also lead to infertility. Celina has also modelled for PETA's Save Elephant campaign. Of course she did in her style with her fleshy thighs and sultry look. And yes, there were many takers to that ad. Sometimes exposing does help!

Celina Jaitley's exposure in movies: Coming from a modelling background and having a
broad minded outlook, Celina has no qualms about exposing her body. Whether it is
showing an abundant view of her generous cleavage or shaking her shapely butt in front
of the camera, she is game for it. In fact Celina wore a bikini in her second movie
Janasheen thrilling the front benchers.

In fact, Celina Jaitley and Mallika Sherawat are the two women who have showed the maximum cleavage in public and in movies. It seems right because both of them are blessed with an enviable cleavage and a perky set of you know what!. .

Celina's chemistry chords with her admirers and leave them
ogling, fumbling and gasping for more.

The secret to Celina's enviable figure: Celina drinks a lot of water, eats well and right and excercises regulary. In other words Celina follows the simple law of maintaining health. Celina says binging is not her scene and she is happy with hercurves and healthy food. Celina maintains that Anyone can have a sexy figure or hot body, if one learns to respect one's body, maintain it and do not abuse it.

Celina's assets:
Celina Jaitley has a sexy cute derriere. Celina has worked her ass off to get such a hot shapely ass. Of course, she is stylish enough to wear outfits to compliment her naughty perky behind.

Celina's eyes: Celina Jaitley's radiate her sex appeal. Her eyes literally talk to you. Her eyes have that seductive "I know what you are thinking of look." Her sultry smile accentuates the beauty of her eyes.

Celina's breasts: . Celina Jaitley's assets are shapely and full without looking obscene. Celina's mersmerizing cleavage is a trademark of her hot bod. On sexometer, we give her a neat 8 out of 10.

Check out Celina's peek-a boo act where she reveals something more than just her thighs!